Villas and Sailing in Croatia

Villas and Sailing in Croatia


Ever wanted to step back into the 1950’s French Riviera? The Croatian coastline offers the opportunity to step back in time with modern conveniences. From your private villa overlooking the sapphire Adriatic Sea or sailing between the 100's of islands, you will be among the world’s elite.

The unspoiled Dalmatian Coast is a favorite playground of the world’s billionaires during the peak summer season. Even during the boom of tourism season, you can find a quiet nook or anchorage for private relaxation.

When you’re not floating in the crystal clear waters, there is plenty of opportunity to party, feast, and mingle.

Villas in Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik rugged coastline provides an opportunity to stay in glamorous villa estates with private pools and access to the Adriatic Sea.

Villa Dubrovnik

Just over a mile from the city’s Old Town, a short walk from the picturesque Sveti Jakov Beach, and under the maritime pines sits Villa Dubrovnik. Built from grey Brac stone, this 5-star hotel is a gem of the coast. Relax during a Diamond Bed multisensory spa treatment, sunbathe on your private teak terrace, and dine on fresh seafood risotto by a Michelin star chef.

The 55 guestrooms at Villa Dubrovnik include the Villa Kolin Suites. A short walk from the main hotel, you’ll find your villa immersed in nature with a private entrance. Each residence features three bedrooms, a living room, four bathrooms, a private teak terrace, and a jacuzzi all set amongst the residence's three floors.

The hotel will arrange a 20-minute private transfer for you from the Dubrovnik Airport. You can also hire the hotel's vaporetto, water taxi, to easily enjoy Dubrovnik’s best beaches by island hopping. Alternatively, you can relax at the hotel’s private beach or take a dip in their indoor pool.

Villa Sheherezade

Looking for a more exclusive and private villa in Dubrovnik?

Villa Sheherezade from Luxury Retreats exudes a sense of Santorini with its blue dome. The recently renovated 1920's property looms over the sea and is surrounded by hanging gardens, cypresses, and palms. The villa is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

The first two floors of the villa houses five bedrooms, each with an ensuite and jacuzzi, spacious living room, dining room, and fully-equipped kitchen. On the top floor, overlooking the Adriatic and under the dome, you’ll find a relaxation and entertainment room.

Outside you’ll find plenty of outdoor space to entertain, dine, or relax in solace. Take a dip in the pool, whirlpool, or the Adriatic from the private beach.

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Travel Europe Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia

Sailing Croatia

Discover and explore the Dalmatian Coast by sailboat or yacht. During peak season there are several options available, as long as you book early. If your sailing trip is less than a week, you should start in Split. The ideal tour explores the entire Dalmatian Coast by beginning in Zadar and ending in Kotor, Montenegro. Each cruise day involves only an hour or two of sailing, so there’s plenty of time to explore and relax.

The islands off of Split are not to be missed. Hvar is known as the St. Tropez of Croatia. Yachting around Dalmatia, you’ll find it’s common to anchor off the coast or in a cove overnight. There is plenty of space to find a secluded spot or find the parties.

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Private Croatia Yacht Tours

Hire a yacht and a skipper to plan your perfect itinerary. Choose to visit the trendy hot spots or find yourself off the beaten path. Relax and unwind aboard the ship or float in the Adriatic. The azure seas and historic adventures await for desires.

Sail Croatia offers shared cruises to luxury yachts that can accommodate 40 passengers. Small ship cruises allow you to explore the rugged coastline and inlets as you immerse yourself in the natural splendor and historical sites.

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Adventure Sailing

Croatia’s northern coast is the place to go if you seek some adventure with your sailing. Most itinerary’s start in Zadar.

Top 3 Destinations

  1. Kornati National Park

Covering an archipelago of more than 150 islands, reefs, islets, and rocks formations. Kornati attracts hiker, divers, katakers, mountaineers, and nature lovers.

  1. Paklenica National Park

Skilled mountaineers and free climbers are drawn to the vertically carved canyons.

  1. Krka National Park

Known for its diversity of flora and fauna, Krka covers 42 square miles near the river Krka. The canyons and system of seven waterfalls are as much of an attraction as the historical heritage and cultural sites.

Sail Week Croatia

Want to meet like-minded people and enjoy a relaxing, unforgettable journey? Join the international fleet of floating parties and adventurous excursions. Sail Week Croatia tours accommodate from 3 to 50 yachts each week. Visit the ancient city of Dubrovnik, preserved Roman palace in Split, and Marco Polo’s birthday place in Korcula.

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